Monday, 31 December 2012

Return of the JacieKakes (now in 3D!)

Hi all,

It's been a busy few months for me. Mainly because I started picking up theatre work, and have had to juggle that with uni and the night job. What began with making a few things here and there turned into me turning in a LOT of sewing hours for two productions. I even got my first mention in a review. You can see it here (hey, you gotta start somewhere lol, but there I am in print: Jacinta Grando as assistant designer). And I ended up getting my first paid gig after only 6 months in the biz.

Unfortunately, my first paid job was to make and fix curtains that were torn down... EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. I felt like Sisyphus, rolling that stone up the hill only to have it tumbling down again. For three weeks I cringed everytime I saw it ripped, then took it home to get it all done again. Nevertheless, it was my first job, and I'm sure I'll look back and remember it as my first big break.... I think. 

I feel I should emphasize...Every. Night.

So now here I am - I have my first designing and creating job (a post apocalyptic version of the Tempest, like you do...) and by some miracle I've got some time up my sleeve to do some blogging on here. I've kind of made it my pre-New Years'- resolution to put some more time into this and my etsy store (which, by the grace of God, should be up soon. It's been like the Odyssey of Etsy store building, with Ithaca being some mythical stage where I'm selling pretty things on the interwebs). Hours of perusing on Regretsy has at least shown me what to avoid doing, and with me making up some new patterns I should be on the move once more before January is over.

I have been vintage sewing a lot in the time since, and I've actually managed to make a teensy amount of money off it too. I seem to be having more questions about whether I can make historical costuming more than anything else, but hey, anything is good at this point.

Some of the things that I've been working on have been quite 40's and 50's inspired at the moment. I shall be getting some pics up in the new few days (and this time I will do so), and to attract some new blog readers, I've been thinking about adding a few tips and tricks that I've learnt over the last few months, so that there's something to come here for other than my blathering on about what I'm doing/ gushing over fantastic patterns. Goods shall be delivered, I promise.

Have a fantastic and safe New Year. I myself will probably be spending the first few days of it researching burns patterns and prosthetics for Caliban (which shall be thoroughly nightmare inducing) and working on creating a bodice pattern with a neckline like this;

So wish me luck :)

Fare thee well.

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