Monday, 27 February 2012

Oooooooh... pretty...

Its 6 am and just getting light outside. a quick perusal of Fb  has shown me my next project (again haha)

Look at this :D saw it on a corset site in Perth. I've always loved the Pin up style of skirts and dresses, it's nice to wear something that you pull off a lot better when you have a nipped waist and big hips like myself. the one thing I don't like is the top. I might play around with that.

Note: I don't have copyright of this image. I'm just using this as a base for my own pattern.

 Needless to say, if I get this into some sort of PDF format I'd happy to share. I'll show you the finished product first however. Now, enough procrastination- time for uni lol. Jace out.

Friday, 24 February 2012

Party Plans

Party people! Busy as the Brain (loved that cartoon), pondering plans on taking this thing on full force. Will be stocking up on candles and jars atm... you"ll see why next week.

Sewing beads onto the bodice for my dress like crazy. Pics should be up on Sunday. In the meantime, I'm putting up a pic of the finished panel of beads :)

Also, I'm putting up my weekly inspirations - the 1st of many I hope... Enjoy! (please note images below are not mine, and are copyrighted to previous owners XD)

Hopefully my new teddy project will end up looking something like this!!
I'll be making a cardigan this month to go with my Norwegian Wood skirt...
Words cannot describe how much I want a pattern for this dress!!!
Yellow Maryjanes that i want from Etsy. Unfortunately, being a poor student is hindering this purchase :(

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Open Days

I am completely aware of the fact that no one reads this yet, however I have been too busy over the last few days at Curtin. Enjoying O day implicitly. Maybe thinking of starting up a club to do with vintage things as there is not one there.

Regardless of these moot points.... onto the point. I'm currently unable to get to the bulk of my projects - which are at my dads house ATM. Rather, I'll be finishing my cape for my bday party and print out this gorgeous pattern from Anna Depew's Etsy store. I'm going to try it with floral silk crepe and satin to start, and I'll add pics of the process.What with uni and all my other stuff, however, it may take a few weeks before this is finished XD

Cheers, and I'm out.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

The Dresses

Ok, time to show my stuff... to soften the blow rather than overloading everyone (and to give myself time to photograph eveything) I'll do it day by day.

Under this post you'll see the Elenore dress I wore to 'The Magic Flute' at the Octagon last night. We were meant to be heading out the door to go but I pleaded for two quick photos.
I used my own pattern, based on an old shift dress pattern I copied off of a friends' pattern in early January. The fabric was from Spotlight - I adored the geometric pattern and bought a few metres.

Last night was grand - outside of Analakshmi a small boy stared at me for a few minutes and then tugged at his mums hand and pointed at me. Partially embarrassing, but flattering none the less.

I'm signing out now... may the force be with you :D

In the beginning...

I'm going to start off by blatantly admitting that I will whoring out this page out to my creative sides. Mainly sewing. Maybe knitting or painting, who knows? I dabble... if dabbling meant smacking my new hobby into my schedule with a sledgehammer.

Spent three hours perusing the internet for finds today. Mainly because I felt that despite the fact I have three projects on the go atm, and I'm starting uni week after next that I obviously had loads of time to do things.

So maybe I'll start uploading photos of my creations tomorrow, or something equally interesting... who knows? My long suffering bf is waiting for something other than a disinterested "hyup", so I'm signing out