Wednesday, 23 May 2012

On track to Freedom

Hey all!

nearly finished up with the semester stuff: thought I should post the photos of my finished design 100 project!

For those that have read my older posts, I'm sure you remember the long and arduous road to this point. I'm looking forward to putting this far, far behind me :)


and here is a copy of the Alice dress (my personal fave :D)


DONE!! yay!

Now, back to my other projects haha... Unfortunately, that wont be happening until I finish moving on Sunday :) looking forward it! However, I think dads going to miss me a bit, however, so I made these for him last night, in a fit of pique :D

Anyway, I'm off for the next two days, and I'll be back on the weekend :)

Bye all!

Friday, 18 May 2012

Lack of writing time

Hello all!

So, as you have probly noticed, sweet FA has been done on this blog in the past two weeks, (I know, I know, I am a bad person.) Its coming up to the last weeks of semester and trying to do everything is making me want to rip out my hair from stress lol... however, I think that there is light on the horizon (It should hit in about 12 days lol) so look out for a deluge of blog posts on what I've done lol... (And I have done some stuff, believe me.)

Until we next meet, enjoy this picture. In honour of Pandora, the kitten who lives in mah new sharehouse :)
(and who I hope will not go too close to my sewing machine :S)

Thursday, 3 May 2012


Ok, fellow sewing afficionados and bloggers alike, since I'm bored (i.e. in the abacus lab at Curtin, procrastinating from writing this 2400 word essay about The Bard) I thought I might share some of my weekly inspirations for those future projects that I am heartily looking forward to.


Because this einstein felt brooch is soo cute... I had to add it :)

I love the ruffles and details on this...                                       

This was basically the dress I found, if you added a peter pan collar to it  and it was cotton instead of wool blend :*(

Ok, that definitely enough procrastination for me, I'm off :) wish me luck getting this essay done!

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Retro Vintage fairs ftw!

Hey guys! Busy week as it has been, I still have reserved fifteen minutes to show you a couple of awesome things I found while at an awesome retro and vintage fair at Claremont showgrounds on Saturday.
And the best bit is that they were all so cheap, which is great for poor struggling uni students like me :)


After I walked into the place, hyperventilated for a few short seconds from joy, I scoured all of the places for patterns (like you do...) and I found these awesome peices for just $1 each...

Yup. One dollar each.

And then I hit the racks and racks and RACKS of awesome vintage finds. There was this gorgeous peter pan collar sheath dress in this gorgeous green I had to tear myself away from, mainly due to the $60 that the person wanted for it. But, after I had run around gathering as much inspiration for new dresses and thingts I found this piece of remnant (about 1x1.5m) of 8mm houndstooth knit for $5.

I think its going to be a good fabric for the peter pan collared sheath I plan to make myself to make up for the one I couldn"t buy. Which I'll be putting in the massive pile labelled "Stuff I Have To Make When I have Time During The Semester Break." I also grabbed some spotted material for the first pattern (not in red and white, hopefully it will be just as cute though.) which will also be going into the aforementioned pile.

It's nice to have something so great to look forward to, though. Looking longingly at all of the projects I'm going to do after these two dresses I'm making atm for Design 100 is keeping me going like the clappers to get everything done :) Its more tempting than a packet of Tim- Tams and a bottle of red wine (or a date like the one I'm going on tomorrow. Maybe the colourful dress can finally get some usage lol).

Anyway, have a great week. Comment me with any interesting thoughts on alterations on the two dress patterns, or if you've made anything similar :) or even if you were at the same fair and found yourself unable to leave without a snazzy new purchase. Have a good week, everybody.