Wednesday, 4 July 2012

I'm Baaaaack...

Hi everyone!
No, I'm not dead. Or on a secret mission. Or enjoying a secret overseas adventure holiday with Johnny Depp (I wish).
During the past 6 weeks I've been settling into the new house and planning for the CSFC (I've been upgraded to Events planner and Sponsorship Coordinator) and so busy stuff abounds for that. So between a massive plaaning for stuff for that (we're having a medieval feast as a fundraiser in August. Guess who's in charge of the cooking... Yep. Lucky old me) and work I've been trying to sew as much as possible.

SO,  dear reader, I hear you ask "What have you been making, Jacinta? Show us photos."
Weeellllll, unfortunately I seem to have lost my camera, so for the moment I'm stuck taking pictures on my phone (not the most fabulous of devices) and so, I hope that you will forgive the resolution for the photos I'm able to put up here until I can get a new one.

Meet Pandora.
And then quake in fear at her powers of destruction, for she is the Harbinger of Doom for my sewing area. She let me get this green dress finished though (mainly because she was waiting to pounce on it and claim it as her own). Its quite cute - note the lace details. I was trying to combat the winter blues when I made this, so it turned out quite girly (though the long sleeves are a practical necessity for this freezing cold.)
Dora apparently likes it as well.
As well as this I"m almost finished - *FINALLY* with the 50s pin up bra I've been trying to do. The short waist one only has straps waiting for it (I'm off to Textile Traders or Spotlight for loops tomorrow.) That one has a matching pair of tap pants to go with it.
The other one I have nearly ready is the long waist version, which I did in peacock satin (I think I mentioned it in an earlier post). It s got 8mm boning and hook and eye tape - a million and one challenges that means when I'm finally finished my achievements will be documented in a ten paragraph blog of how fantastic my boss skills are... swaggin' a plenty coming up lol (jokes).

Other projects are waiting for my undivided attention - I also have a costume to make for a uni friends production - a fantastic floral 50s full skirted sweetheart neckline dress - with a petticoat with fabric petals sewn into the layer at the hem

I love theatre :D

Look forward to the next post. You may be surprised to find out that I haz been experimenting with scanning patterns into the computer and trying to make them PDFs. I've managed a simple one that may be coming up in future :D Thank you, Burdastyle!

Anyway, enjoy the rest of your week, and as always, feel free to comment or whatever :P

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