Monday, 7 January 2013

Some Like It Hot.. Or Maybe Not

Greeting, fellow bloggers!

Its currently boiling over in this neck of the woods. Its after 7p.m. and still 36 degrees outside (which is nearly 97 Fahrenheit to those of you who are into that.) and I'm trying to stay far away from the sewing machine at this point in time :)

But what with all this heat, I got to thinking about all those fantastic things about summer and thought that I would post them up. Think of it as a summer inspirations board..

I have a cherry dress that looks as tempting and gorgeous as these ones.
A cute little brooch I saw on the interwebs
I won a swimsuit pattern similar to this one last year from A Few Threads
Loose, and I really want to make it this summer...
I don't even care if this is impractical for an Australian summer.
I would so gladly suffer heatstroke to look this adorable!

Ok, so thats probably it for today. Time to step away from the comp and into the pool for a little while, I think.

Cheerio, JacieKakes

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