Friday, 27 April 2012

Photos! News! Superlatives! Exclamation Marks!!

Hi everybody...
This is it... the moment you have all been waiting for. Lots of photos, lots of catching up on past projects. Lots of other stuff..

So, I'll start with the dresses I finally took photos of lol. They have, after all, been long overdue...

 This is one of the first dresses I made this year. Its suiting cotton, I think...

Technically, it needs buttons, and I'm sure that you guys can see the BIG boo-boo I made on the front of the skirt panel (which I'm still trying to find time to fix...) But I like it. Its one of the first patterns I tried to cobble together on my own, and I hadn't really tried to adapt anything until that point.


And THIS one is my favourite dress I've made so far. I found the fabric for $6/m (which is just over a yard for you crazy imperial measurementists :P) at Spotlight and fell in LOVE. Unfortunately, I haven't worn it yet, as I'm looking for a special occasion which merits something this bright being worn in public. I made this one before I made the Elenore dress, and this was the one where my patterning skills actually strated to develop :)

And this is the teddy I made a couple of weeks ago from an Anna Depew pattern :) Of course with a slight twist...


Basically the same pattern, but I had a problem with the length of the thing vs. the length of my torso and I had to take out about 5 cm around the hips. I put a frill on the front because I could, though :P

And pearls, and pretty ribbon lol. I may be a sci fi nerd, but a do have a perchant for frills and lace and pretty things...

Unfortunately, it being on my mannequin doesnt do it justice, so I'll have to don it and take photos sometime :) In the meantime, I have heaps of projects that are finished to photograph. Or to finish...

Like the ones that are actually coursework lol   

Anyway, I'm back to it but I hope you'll leave feedback on what I've dont so far. Have a great weekend and hopefully I'll be back on here next week :)



  1. Wow, you've been busy, girl! I love the frils and lace that you added to the teddy, it's perfect. When I finish a new dress and have nowhere to wear it, I just throw a dinner party so I can show it off. :)

    1. Lo, thank you. I started off with an awesome pattern though :P and I don't really throw dinner parties yet, but I have a date to possibly wear the dress to :) fingers crossed.