Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Normality levels set to sane again :)

Hello all :)

And I do say all, because I came back to this today and realised that people were actually reading this now lol. Thank you for taking an interest :) I'm writing you all a very, very long one to compesate for my lack of new posts.

Ok, so I'm finally back, which is the biggest news of all. Relay for Life was fun: I dressed up as a Weeping Angel (foolishly spending three hours hastily painting a set of cardboard wings and experimenting with talcum powder and pomander instead of getting much needed rest the night before). I rocked up, freshly face painted and eager to make some money for cancer research :) then I realised one massive fault in my plan for walking laps around an oval for hours at a time.
Mainly the wire that I had sewn into the hem at the bottom to weigh it down.... which kept catching at my ankles and feet as I walked. ^_^ My lack of forward thinking amazed me, I can tell you. We won first prize on the day though for theme and most amount of money raised by a Curtin Guild club (hence the attachment of this rather fetching shot of my cleavage)

Immortalized in grey poplin...

Regardless, I made it. I am alive, kicking and sewing... Plus I won a digital camera for most funds raised in chocolate selling so more pics will be up soon :) and with my new sewing machine (Igor was on his last legs and finally carked it, rest in peace my friend, the last 5 years have been wonderful) I plan to kick back into it.

Thats all for now, but the next post won't be too far away :)


  1. You're a fan of the doctor?!! Omahgawd, I think I've found my antipodean doppleganger...

  2. Haha, In that case I'm going to leave this here for you. This is the TARDIS we constructed as our tent :)


    1. =O I would love to build that around my bed, then everytime I wake up in the morning I could say "I've travelled into the FUTURE!"

      If your blog has anything to say about your love of dresses, you must check out my latest post. If for no other reasons than my page considerably lacking views XD