Thursday, 1 March 2012

Loving Uni

I love university - I should have been there years ago...

I have a unit called The Design Experience 100. Our main focus this semester is to create a design for something  and them realise it... guess what media I'm going to use lolol.
I get to do a project on a designer who inspires me and my work.I chose... Colleen Atwood.

Say hello to my hero...

This amazing lady has been up for 9 academy awards, won 3 of those nominations, and is responsible for some of the films that inspired me to get into Costume Design. And so, my project is a dress and suit ensemble, and then a short 30 seconds of film displaying them.
 More soon about that. in the meantime, I'm just sewing up a cool Collette design for mini bloomers.

More later.

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