Friday, 16 March 2012

Being a Busy, Busy Bee

Ohaiyo! Haven"t been on here for over a week, as am v. busy atm. Having to organise a screenplay and costumes is very time consuming - but it is, admittedly, rather fun. Looking forward to having some free time this weekend so that I'm not falling too far behind on all my side projects. I'll add some pics of the bloomers and teddy from a few weeks ago that I finished this week :D hopefully you'll have some feedback or something.

On a different note, looking forward to getting onto three new projects - a corselet and garter belt and pin-up bra from Anna Depew's Etsy store. the corselet is going to have a bra attached as well. it should be a bit of a fun challenge to integrate two patterns into one garment XD. Garter belt and bra will be in peacock blue satin and the corselet in peach satin XD. So wish me luck on those, and like I said, pics of other stuff to date should be up here on monday XD. Have a good weekend everybody

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