Friday, 24 February 2012

Party Plans

Party people! Busy as the Brain (loved that cartoon), pondering plans on taking this thing on full force. Will be stocking up on candles and jars atm... you"ll see why next week.

Sewing beads onto the bodice for my dress like crazy. Pics should be up on Sunday. In the meantime, I'm putting up a pic of the finished panel of beads :)

Also, I'm putting up my weekly inspirations - the 1st of many I hope... Enjoy! (please note images below are not mine, and are copyrighted to previous owners XD)

Hopefully my new teddy project will end up looking something like this!!
I'll be making a cardigan this month to go with my Norwegian Wood skirt...
Words cannot describe how much I want a pattern for this dress!!!
Yellow Maryjanes that i want from Etsy. Unfortunately, being a poor student is hindering this purchase :(

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